M e e t t h e a r t i s t s    

Artists are the ones who make this world colorful, lively, energetic and unique. If music paints our history, they are our painters. We are proud to introduce our performers. Don’t wait, meet the artists!

I N N E R V O I C E    
Many people don’t even hear their inner voice. I use mine to express my art. Tracks like Azimuth, Spirit Guardian, Aphrodite, Costa Brava will make your own inner voice scream.
M A N F R E E    
I am Manfree. I am representative of the new force in progressive house music. The core of my music is using new technology to express love for music and sound. Hey, I need your love to paint my walls.
N I C K N E B L O    
My name is Nick Neblo. I know that music brings the best of us and with music everything makes sense. Music is where we belong. Everything I can is to smile and enjoy making the most of it. There's nothing like music, it makes you feel like a king, it makes you wear the crown.